4 Foods to Avoid with Dentures

4 Foods to Avoid with Dentures

Replacing your missing teeth with a well-crafted denture can improve your eating ability and diet, enhancing your confidence at meal time too. Although prosthetic teeth may not function as fully as your natural teeth, you should be able to eat most foods. However, there are some foods you may wish to avoid to protect your denture and gums from any damage and costly repairs.

Some foods to be careful when eating with dentures include:

  • Foods that are Hard and Tough – Apples, carrots, nuts and steak are some of the types of food that may unstabilise your denture and put pressure on your gums as they encourage you to eat on one side of your mouth. But the good news is these foods can be eaten in so many different forms so you can still get your fruit intake by stewing your favourite Granny Smith into a delicious dessert (or just cutting it up into small pieces); pickling some baby carrots; adding blitzed nuts into some fluffy muffins or slow cooking a tender pot roast dinner.
  • Foods that are Sticky – Caramel, licorice, lollies and toffees may bring back those happy childhood memories at the candy store but unfortunately these delights are unhealthy for both natural or fake teeth. It is especially difficult to get sticky food pieces out of and underneath dentures leading to gum irritation. Your sweet tooth craving can still be happily satisfied with a crème caramel pudding, slice of banana bread or a scoop of Old English Toffee ice-cream.
  • Foods with Sharp and Small Seeds – Figs, popcorn and seeded bread are some of the foods that contain small pieces which can get easily stuck between your dentures and gums causing uncomfortable irritation. So why not try an organic soft sourdough for breakfast or substitute your old movie snack for veggie chips (in their many delicious flavours…mmm light and tangy vs sour cream and chives).
  • Foods/ Drinks that Stain – Berries, coffee/tea and wine are just some of the food and drinks that stain both natural teeth and dentures alike leading to costly dental treatments to help bring back that pearly white smile. Like all the other foods mentioned above, there are lots and lots of delicious options for denture wearers to substitute these old favorite food and drinks for new ones such as herbal teas and much more. Alternatively, if these are consumed, rinsing with water afterwards will significantly reduce staining.

A quick but important side note: If you have had teeth extracted and an immediate denture put in place, we do recommend in the first few days after dental surgery that softer and minced foods are eaten and cold drinks consumed to allow your gums and mouth time to heal. As such, during this period we recommend avoiding chewy and hard foods and hot fluids and alcohol.

Eating with dentures presents new creative ways to look at food and how we consume our favourite bevvies, fruits, nuts, meats, sweets and veggies still in a delicious and enjoyable manner. Being open to cooking new recipes and experimenting with new cooking styles may bring out the master chef in you whilst introducing some new favourite meals and snacks back into your life.

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Alternatively, if you are looking for meal inspiration, we would be happy to share recipes with you too!

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