5 benefits of having a custom fitted mouthguard

5 benefits of having a custom fitted mouthguard

Mouthguards Prevent Injuries and Pain

Most sports have risk of contact, which can lead to serious dental injuries that are often costly and difficult to treat. Accidents can happen in even non-contact sport from unintentional collision from people or sporting equipment (like a ball). A well-made custom fitted mouthguard can protect you from some serious sporting injuries such as:

  • Broken jaw
  • Concussion (reduce injury to the brain)
  • Cut lip & tongue
  • Fractured, chipped or knocked out teeth

Custom fitted mouthguards provide comfort and safety

A well-fitted, custom mouthguard works by absorbing and spreading the impact of any sporting collision making it a more comfortable and safer option than an ordinary boil and bite.

At Total Denture Care, we take both an upper and lower impression/ mould which allows us to balance the bite creating the best fitting mouthguard for our sporting heroes.

Save money and time with the right mouthguard

Custom mouthguards protect more than your smile. Even a small dental injury can be considerably more costly than the most expensive mouthguard and serious dental injuries often involve a lifetime of expense and pain.

The other thing to note is that if you have private health insurance, the cost of a custom mouthguard from Total Denture Care could actually be less with your rebate than the cost of one from the chemist or sporting store.  Boil and bite mouthguards also become brittle and fragile with frequent use which can be more costly in the long run as opposed to a quality custom mouthguard that can last for years.

Made in Perth from durable, high quality Australian materials

Our Extreme Mouthguard range are handcrafted in our on-site dental laboratory right here in Perth using the highest quality materials from Australia. They are made from a medical grade high impact material that has a high shore hardness, unlike the chemist or sporting store boil and bite over the counter options that are made from inferior plastic materials and are not adequately moulded to fit your mouth.

Personalised style

Whether you want a unique mouthguard design to stand out on the field or to proudly show your team colours, at Extreme Mouthguards we have a range of colours and styles to suit you.

We can also add names and phone numbers to our Light Pro and Heavy Pro Mouthguard ranges to avoid them getting lost.

Find out more about our mouthguard range here.