Common myth challenged: Dentures are NOT only for grandma and grandpa but young people too

Common myth challenged: Dentures are NOT only for grandma and grandpa but young people too

At what age do you need dentures?

When you hear the word dentures, are you picturing a grandparent blowing out their birthday candles with their loose teeth flying out of their mouth? With advances in dental materials and technology, traditional dentures are a thing of the past and as we’ve experienced firsthand at our clinic, the new vast range of dentures on the market make them a great solution for missing teeth from late teens to 100 plus! If you are reading this and are 18, 25, 30, 60 or 90, you’re not alone when it comes to wearing or needing dentures. There are actually a lot of younger people than you realise with dentures with about 1 in 5 people worldwide wearing dentures *GSK data on file. Global Omnibus study.


Common reasons people of all ages need dentures include unfortunate accidents, health conditions, physical abuse, medications, drug abuse, smoking, neglect, sports injuries, birth defects, poor oral hygiene, family genes, gum disease or trauma, just to name a few.

Not only do the wide variety of dentures we offer at Total Denture Care make them suitable for all ages but for all budgets too with our Standard, Deluxe, Premium, Chrome and Valplast Flexible options. Dentures can be a great option to replace missing teeth on younger people as they are affordable, easy to adapt to and easy to maintain. They are also a great solution for when implants are not accessible or suitable for the individual.


Dentures will help restore your confidence from having missing teeth improving your interactions in both personal and professional circumstances.

A well designed, manufactured and maintained denture should almost feel like another body part, fitting snuggly around your gums and any natural teeth – some dentures such as our flexible Valplast partial dentures can simply click into the missing gap between remaining teeth. The experience, knowledge and skills of your Dental Prosthetist is SO important – we’ve sadly had many patients come our way who’ve had terrible situations elsewhere due to the incorrect type of treatment and poor quality of products being delivered to patients. As such, whether you chose our clinic or another we do suggest to do your research. Most patients who come our way after poor experiences elsewhere are referrals so if you feel comfortable ask your family, friends or neighbours if they have a trusted Dental Prosthetist to assist with your denture needs.

At Total Denture Care, our compassion and love for people of all ages and backgrounds, means you’ll feel at ease in replacing your missing teeth in our care. Feel free to call us with any questions on 9317 7777 or email We look forward to helping you get back your happy smile!

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