Choosing a Denture Clinic

Choosing a Denture Clinic

Choosing a denture clinic is often based on personal preference. What you need from your dental prosthetist could be different to the next person, like when choosing a doctor or a dentist. Here at Total Denture Care we pride ourselves on our approachable, friendly and personalised service.

Part of our mission statement includes our desire to “genuinely care for the wellbeing of our patients and strive to offer them affordable, comfortable and quality dentures and mouthguards”.

More information on what we stand for can be read here.

We understand due to certain factors (eg. Location) we may not always be your first choice. We have therefore put together a helpful checklist of things you should consider when researching which denture clinic is best for you:


1. Research the Denture Clinics Reputation

Service-based businesses like denture clinics rely on word-of-mouth reputations and reviews.

If you are searching for the right denture clinic for you then asking around and checking on Google is the best place to start.

If a clinic has questionable online reviews or the reviews do not look genuine then this can raise some concerns.

2. Check the level of qualification

Naturally, you assume that all the medical professionals involved in crafting and maintaining your dentures are fully qualified but, this may not always be the case.

Or there may be different levels of qualifications in denture clinics with multiple denture prosthetists and dental technicians.

It is important to check that the staff involved in your care have the correct, up-to-date qualifications.

3. How long has the Denture Clinic been open?

Or more importantly, how long has the Dental Prosthetist been practicing?

If a denture clinic has been servicing patients for over 20 years, it is a good sign they do reliable work that you can trust.

However, this does not mean that you rule newer clinics out completely, it just means there may be less reviews or testimonials, but you want to ensure they are relevant to the service you require.

4. Does the Denture Clinic have an in-house laboratory?

You might also wish to find out if they have an in-house lab. Denture clinics that have their own labs may not only have access to good equipment but there will also be less delays when receiving your dentures or having emergency denture repairs.

Another important thing to note when choosing a denture clinic with an in-house laboratory, is that you can also ask questions about the experience of the dental technician crafting your dentures and what materials/ procedures are used as this will greatly impact the outcome of your treatment.

5. Are Emergency Services available?

Although you can reduce the risk of an emergency through proper care, you cannot predict the unforeseen.

Without emergency services, you could be left without dentures for weeks or months (depending on how busy your denture clinic is). When looking for a denture clinic, please keep this in mind.

6. Insurance and payment options

Check if the clinic accepts your dental insurance plan if you have one. Additionally, enquire about their payment options, such as instalment plans or financing options, to ensure affordability.

Total Denture Care have partnered with Pretty Penny Finance to offer payment plan options.

7. Enquire about the process

Different denture clinics will have different processes for manufacturing, fitting, and maintaining your dentures.

There are different materials, techniques, and methods for restoring teeth, denture fitting, and even emergency services. Enquire about the denture clinic’s process to discover whether you are comfortable with it and if they have experienced cases like yours.

8. Convenient Location

A convenient location is also important to ensure you can easily attend appointments and access quick and efficient emergency services, should you need them. Other things to consider are do they have free on-site parking, public transport options nearby, wheelchair access?

In addition, if you find a clinic that may be a little further from home but seems like the right fit for you and your treatment, you may wish to consider whether the extra travel time is worth achieving a more desired outcome.


Choosing A Denture Clinic in Perth?

By considering the above factors, you can make an informed decision when choosing the most suitable denture clinic for your needs. Remember to prioritise quality, expertise, and personalised care to ensure optimal oral health and satisfaction with your dentures.


Total Denture Care is a clinic centered around our patients. We pride ourselves on professional, compassionate, and a high-quality service.


If you are looking for a denture clinic in Perth please reach out.

Get in contact with our team today using our online contact form or call us on 08 9317 7777.

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