Denture Costs, Insurance and How We Can Help!

Denture Costs, Insurance and How We Can Help!

Here at Total Denture Care, we look for ways to help our clients and ensure you get affordable dentures without compromising on quality.

We believe in not only ensuring our prices are up to date and reasonable but also ensuring excellent service and high-quality dentures.

Total Denture Care accepts all health funds and has a HICAPS available on-site for instant claiming.

In Australia, the acceptance of health funds by denture clinics varies.

The coverage and acceptance can depend on several factors, including:

  • The type of health insurance plan one holds.
  • The type of treatment required.
  • Individual Dental practices own policy regarding which health funds they decide to accept.

It is strongly advised to check with your health fund and the denture professional you are considering, therefore ensuring you receive the coverage you’re entitled to.

Total Denture Care offer easy payment options that are flexible and affordable, catering to our denture services which include everything from our Standard Full and Partial Dentures, Deluxe and Premium Dentures, Implant Overdentures to Chrome and Valplast Dentures, as well as Denture Repairs and other related services.

Our commitment is to provide patients with quality denture treatments without financial strain, thanks to our manageable payment plans and partnership with Pretty Penny Finance.

We have partnered with Pretty Penny Finance to offer payment support to our clients. We hope this will help ease the financial stress of ensuring your oral health. Allowing our clients and potential clients to acquire high-quality care.

Pretty Penny Finance, a family-operated finance company based in Perth, specialises in dental loans, offering personalised support in securing funds for dental procedures. They are dedicated to reducing the financial and emotional stress associated with dental care by providing a straightforward and efficient loan application process.

Choose Affordable Dentures without Compromised Quality
Our commitment to patient well-being is reflected in our dedication to providing high-quality, affordable dentures. As a family-run boutique clinic, we place great emphasis on contributing to the community by offering premium handcrafted products and personalised services that set us apart from larger denture clinic chains.

This approach guarantees our high standard of quality and service.

Steven Anthony, our proficient Dental Prosthetist, brings over two decades of industry experience to our practice. He has completed a combined six years of initial study as both a Dental Technician and Dental Prosthetist which this experience in denture fabrication sets our clinic apart from others in the industry – Steven oversees the entire process for most of our products and services, from initial consultation to laboratory work and final fitting. His continuous professional growth is evidenced by his involvement with the Australian Dental Prosthetics Association and the Australian Health Practitioner Regulations Agency.

Kelly-Anne, our Chief of Smiles, looks after our clinic from client bookings, client relations and so much more, is always happy to discuss your specific Denture needs and requirements.

Call Kelly-Anne on 08 9317 7777 to discuss any denture or mouthguard queries.

We will happily provide an estimate on your Denture Costs given your specific situation.

Contact Total Denture Care – We will happily discuss the products and services available at our denture and mouthguard clinic and how we can assist you and your family.