The Power of a Smile

The Power of a Smile

Smiling not only boosts a person’s overall confidence but also initiates a positive chemical reaction within your body. The act of smiling releases serotonin – a natural de-stress chemical. Both of these benefits have life-enhancing qualities that we all desire.

Dentures bring Confidence – Creating your Smile

Upholding a happy smile or set of teeth possible to produce a smile you are happy with will boost your confidence incredibly. Higher levels of confidence will impact your life in all aspects positively. Total Denture Care are professional in finding, creating and implementing your very own naturally beautiful smile. Our greatest satisfaction derives from seeing people leave our clinic with a comfortably happy smile. Our full denture care service enables our team to cater for missing teeth, unhealthy and undesirable tooth health.

Unhappy with your smile? Choose Total Denture Care to provide an honest, professional and safe service. We understand that not everybody enjoys their trip to dental practices, thus we have devised a comfortable service so you will leave our clinic feeling at ease. Our reputable services have seen our client base expand, achieve fantastic Google Reviews and achieve amazing customer satisfaction. Our full denture range includes Full Dentures, Partial Dentures, Emergency Dentures, Immediate Dentures, Denture Cleaning, Denture Repairs, Emergency Repairs and Denture Relines. We have a denture option for everyone!

Steven Anthony, our Dental Prosthetist truly is highly experienced and trained in the provision of dentures. With over 17 years of experience in natural smile creations, Steven is commended for his world-class technical skills and memorable personality – ensuring every patient is calm and comfortable at all times in our dental facility. Steven has developed a unique way of creating naturally beautiful smiles perfect for each patient of Total Denture Care. Our Denture Services incorporated modern-day best practices along with an abundance of experience in the denture creating and fitting field.

Following every denture fitting, our patients leave with wide smiles and ooze confidence. Leaving our team motivated once again for our next patient!

Protecting your Smile

We not only cater for missing teeth, partially missing teeth or denture tooth cracks. We also help to protect natural smiles both on and off the sports ground. Our Mouthguard Range ensures an option for all. Whether it is playing semi-contact sports or taking part in full contact and physicality used sports – whether you are a professional or recreational sports star, Total Denture Care has a mouthguard for you.

Custom-fit mouthguards that are comfortable and last the test of time. From Standard, Light-Pro to Heavy-Pro, our Extreme Mouthguards range encompasses all instances where sports mouth protection may be required.

Benefits of Mouthguards from Total Denture Care

Fitted specifically to your mouth, for your requirements and with your main objective as the founding factor of our choice of mouthguard for you. We understand that although teeth are viewed as one of the strongest components of our body, they too need protection. Remember, confidence and serotonin can all be derived from a happy and healthy smile. Two fantastic reasons to mind your mouth appearance and health!

The benefits our Mouthguards Perth based are extensive, but here a few reasons why you should choose a custom-fitted mouthguard from Total Denture Care.

  • Comfort-based Practices and
  • Complete Mouth Protection in all instances of physical contact.
  • Prevents Tooth Loss.
  • Maintains a Happy and Wholesome Smile at a relatively low cost.

Australian Dental Association – Dentures

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