Do you need new dentures but worry about the cost? Payment Plans

Do you need new dentures but worry about the cost? Payment Plans

Achieving your perfect smile may seem like an expensive and unaffordable task, but not with Total Denture Care. We understand that acquiring a perfect smile not only increases your overall confidence, but it also reconfigures your mouth to hold a naturally beautiful smile.

We provide stress-free denture payment plans with no interest. Our easy-to-pay payment plans allow you to set and forget your payments. We understand how busy life gets and so, we are here to make attaining your dream smile a little bit easier. Our set and forget payment system enables our clients to set their payment plans once, and the National Dental Care team takes over from there. Allowing each Total Denture Care patient to get back on track with other aspects of their lives without worrying about late payment submissions.

Our Denture and Mouthguard Payment Plan Options are readily available across our full range of Denture and Mouthguard Services in Perth. We truly enjoy giving people the smile they have always wished for. We accept all major health insurances and provide HICAPS on-site for instant claiming.

Denture Services in Perth can vary. Every patient is uniquely different and we welcome all cases. We ensure that every service we provide is easily and affordably attained with our patient’s best interest in mind. We believe that there is little to no value in providing a world-class denture care service if it is unaffordable to the patients who need or want the service most.

Regardless of your denture or mouthguard requirements, we recommend all patients to avail of our 30 minute initial denture and mouthguard consultation to discuss options with our Denture Professional.

Denture Care Perth Services – How it works.

Total Denture Care has teamed up with the National Dental Plan on ways our patients can access interest free payment plans in an affordable manner. Easing the financial stress of denture care services, while enhancing our patient’s lives in a happy and healthy way.

No interest ever and a small deposit on the day.  Our patients pay an Establishment Fee of $70 to set up the account (the repeat purchase fee is only $22) and a $8 monthly fee. The Establishment Fee is spread over the term of the payment plan.  The patient can also make additional repayments or pay your plan out early with no payout fees.

  • Once Off Establishment Fee of $70
  • Monthly Fee of $8

The National Dental Plan offers secured direct debit payments that can be easily made using either your bank account or credit card. Pay with confidence in knowing that the direct debit system The National Dental Plan  uses adheres to the Gold Standard Data Security Legislation in Australia.

It’s time to start thinking about your naturally beautiful new smile. Spread the cost over time with the option of either a six or twelve month payment plan and start your Denture or Mouthguard treatment today!

Find out more about  Total Denture Care’s Pricing and Payment Plans.

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