Immediate Dentures – What to expect.

Immediate Dentures – What to expect.

An immediate partial or full denture is a great solution for replacing teeth on the same day that they are removed by a dentist or dental specialist. Extra care is taken to design the denture with the teeth to be extracted still in place, this is a fine art in itself!

An immediate denture can be either a temporary or permanent solution to missing teeth depending on your treatment required. For example, an immediate denture may be used to replace a missing tooth/ teeth indefinitely or used provisionally by a patient whilst waiting for implant treatment.

At the initial appointment with Total Denture Care, our Dental Prosthetist will examine your mouth and any natural teeth. We will take an impression of your mouth with your natural teeth due to be extracted still in place. At this first appointment, we will either refer you to a trusted dentist for any extractions that need to be made; or liaise directly with your dentist of choice on the best treatment plan for you.

The next appointments with our clinic may involve a bite registration and final impressions to assist with a closer fit of your immediate partial or full denture. During these appointments, the position of natural teeth will be copied to measure as closely the right denture and teeth height and shape. At the final appointments, you may have the opportunity to view your new smile, making any adjustments, before it is inserted into your mouth. Your denture will then be inserted by a Dentist or Dental Specialist on the day of your extractions.

*Please note the above appointments vary slightly pending on your individual treatment case as in some circumstances immediate dentures can be fabricated just after one initial appointment or in more complex cases, will be a lengthier treatment plan.  

Taking into account that the denture has been created as closely as possible to replace your missing tooth/ teeth as well as the swelling and changes to your mouth following the extractions, you will then see our Dental Prosthetist about a week after extractions for any adjustments required.

Further changes will occur in your mouth so a reline of your immediate denture will be required approximately three to six months following extractions.

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Total Denture Care works with local highly reputable and respected dentists to ensure the procedure for your Immediate Denture is only done in the best of care that aligns to our key values. Contact us or call 9317 7777 to discuss your individual immediate denture needs.