Immediate Dentures

What is an Immediate Denture?

An immediate partial or full denture generally replaces teeth on the same day that they are extracted. This provides a great solution for patients so that they do not need to go without teeth. The denture is designed and planned carefully to have the new teeth on the denture to replace where the original teeth were; or in most cases in a more aesthetic position around the natural teeth before they are extracted.

An immediate denture can be either a temporary or permanent solution to missing teeth depending on the individual patient’s case.

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What kind of material are Immediate Dentures made of?

All our immediate dentures can be created using materials from our standard, deluxe and premium range so patients have even more flexibility in the making of their dream denture.


What is the process for making Immediate Dentures?

All of our immediate dentures can be processed using techniques from either our standard, deluxe or premium range. Our Dental Prosthetist will talk through these options to create your ideal denture.

What is the treatment plan for an Immediate Denture?

Most treatment plans for immediate dentures will be as follows (depending on the individual case, option 1 or 2 can be carried out):

Option 1                                                                      

  1. Consultation & initial impressions
  2. Final impressions & bite registration
  3. Try-in if needed
  4. Insert
  5. Post insert review including adjustments

Option 2

  1. Consultation, final impressions & bite registration
  2. Insert
  3. Post insert review including adjustments

At the initial appointment with Total Denture Care, our Dental Prosthetist will examine your mouth and any natural teeth. We will take a first impression of your mouth with your natural teeth due to be extracted still in your mouth. At this first appointment, we will either refer you to a trusted dentist for any extractions that need to be made; or liaise directly with your dentist of choice on the best treatment plan for you.

The next appointments with our clinic will involve a bite registration and final impressions to assist with a closer fit of your partial or full denture. During these appointments, the position of natural teeth will be copied to measure as closely the right denture and teeth height and shape. At the final appointments as needed, you will have the opportunity to view your new smile, making any adjustments, before it is inserted into your mouth.

Your denture will then be inserted by a Dentist on the day of your extractions, or in some special cases such as with over-erupted teeth, it may be fitted about a week following the extractions.

Taking into account that the denture has been created as closely as possible to replace your missing tooth/ teeth as well as the swelling and changes to your mouth following the extractions, you will then see our Dental Prosthetist about a week after extractions for any adjustments required.

Total Denture Care works with local reputable dentists to ensure the procedure for your Immediate Denture is done with the best of care which aligns to our key values. 


What are the benefits of our Immediate Dentures?

There are many advantages to immediate dentures namely with the aesthetics and functioning attributed to having teeth during the process of healing. Some of the benefits of immediate dentures include:

  • Extracted teeth are immediately replaced so the patient has enhanced confidence as there is no gaps with missing teeth.
  • In addition, as tooth extraction and denture insertion can generally take place on the same day this helps avoid any inconveniences with no teeth such as being absent from work and daily life activities.
  • Assists any blood clotting from the teeth extraction procedure.
  • Helps avoid any other remaining natural teeth to shift.
  • Improves any impact on chewing and speech.
  • Bone resorption is reduced by inserting a denture in place of missing teeth.
  • Dentures can be easily relined as the gums heal thereby improving the comfort and fit.
  • Great solution whilst waiting for other tooth replacement options such as implants.
  • All the wonderful benefits from our Standard, Deluxe and Premium denture range.
Immediate Denture Services - Total Denture Care Perth

What post care is needed for Immediate Dentures?

Post care for immediate dentures is important so working alongside your selected dentist, we will ensure you are well informed and comfortable adjusting to life with dentures. Some key points to take note:

  • In the first 48 hours, only remove your immediate denture when you are eating. This will help reduce bleeding and swelling.
  • Ensure you eat only soft foods during the first 48 hours.
  • Your dentist will provide any advice on pain relief medication as required.
  • When eating with your immediate denture within the first week, ensure that the denture is removed after meals and cleaned thoroughly to avoid any infection whilst the mouth wounds heal.
  • Once the swelling has subsided, you will likely notice your denture becoming looser. A reline will be required approximately three to six months after insertion for a more precise fit after the bone and gums have healed.

How much do Immediate Dentures Cost?

The cost of Immediate Dentures depends on the individual patient’s case but to help give you a rough idea it is generally about an additional 20% on the cost of a denture from our partial or full denture range. A more accurate costing can be provided at your initial consultation.

*Please note, the cost of any extractions or restorative work by the dentist we work alongside will be separate to this and these charges are set by the dentist itself.

At Total Denture Care our Immediate Dentures are handcrafted using high quality materials and processes to ensure only the best for our patients. We understand for many individuals this may be the first time they may be wearing dentures so rest assured we will be here for you during and after the procedure with any questions you may have. You can call us on 9317 7777 or email