Denture Repairs Perth – Ins and Outs

Denture Repairs Perth – Ins and Outs

Denture accidents do happen and unfortunately, they may tend to happen at the most inconvenient time – the day you have an important meeting at work, just before you’re about to go on a holiday or on the weekend when most clinics are closed. It is important to fix broken dentures in a professional and timely manner to prevent further damage to both the denture and patient’s oral and general health. At Total Denture Care Perth, we help take the difficulty and stress out of repairing dentures, fixing your broken denture with our emergency denture repair service Perth. Our on-site laboratory offers one-hour denture repairs in Perth and same day denture repairs and relines in Perth.

What are some common denture repairs?

  • Chip, fracture or loss of a tooth or multiple teeth
  • Crack, splits or hairline denture fractures
  • Broken denture into half or multiple pieces
  • Clasps/ retainers breaking off dentures
  • Small chips of denture breaking off
  • Chewed dentures from domestic pets

What are the most common reasons for denture repairs?

One of the most common reasons for denture repairs is due to a poor fit and use of inferior materials. In terms of fit, it is particularly important when chewing food that your upper and lower teeth align evenly so that there is an even spread of pressure when you bite down. An uneven bite can put excessive stress on the denture in a particular spot, causing them to break.

Denture repairs are also needed when dentures are worn-down and poorer quality materials have been used in their construction. For example, cheaper teeth will wear down quicker leading to the uneven distribution of the chewing force which may be harmful to the denture and patients’ gums and bone in the oral cavity.

Another common denture repair is from impact fractures resulting from a denture accidentally being dropped. A tip to help prevent this from happening is to always wash your denture with a plastic bowl underneath in the sink.

How is my denture repaired?

Trying to fix your dentures with superglue or other household products can cause even more damage to your denture and dental health as well as be significantly more costly in the long run. We recommend only using a professional and reputable denture clinic in Perth when repairing dentures.

Many types of dentures are made of acrylic resin which is generally comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and repairable. During the repair process, the thickness of the acrylic can be increased with cold cure acrylic and/ or stainless steel mesh or wire can be added to reinforce the denture.

With some repair cases such as broken or missing tooth/ teeth, an upper and lower impression may be needed to most effectively replace the tooth/ teeth back onto the denture.

On occasions, a new denture may be advisable due to the potential for repeated breakages. As a rule of thumb, most Standard Acrylic Dentures are recommended to be replaced every 5 years with our Premium Acrylic Dentures recommended to be replaced every 5-7 years.

How do I avoid ongoing costly denture repairs?

To avoid ongoing costly denture repairs, we offer the high-quality superior denture products in Perth including Flexible Unbreakable Valplast Partial Dentures and Chrome Metal Partial Dentures. We also use top quality materials from Australia, Europe and the USA including high impact acrylic and high-quality teeth that will increase your dentures life and limits the chances of breakage.

At Total Denture Care Perth we will always offer you the most honest advice in the best interests of our patients on whether to repair your denture, reline it or replace it. Call our friendly team on 08 9317 7777 for any denture repair advice or to book an appointment.