International training to help service our patients even better

International training to help service our patients even better

At Total Denture Care, the ongoing professional development of our staff is important to us especially in a world that is ever changing. In June 2023, our head Dental Prosthetist Steven Anthony attended international training in Bologna Italy, a vibrant city that houses the oldest University in the world. An Italian espresso was a must-have during his five days here as he underwent intensive training with colleagues from all over the world to learn the latest advancements in dental restorations and technologies hosted by renowned organisation, Rhein83.

Innovators of the elastic cap spherical attachments that have improved functional results for dental practitioners and their patients, Rhein83 commits to ongoing extensive research in both the study of new products as well as continually perfecting products that have been around for many years.

The international training course brought together the expertise, knowledge and skills of renowned dentists, dental surgeons, dental prosthetists, dental suppliers and dental technicians to improve standards in the industry and explore new products through careful and insightful collaboration.

Some key takeouts from Steven’s study in Italy involved broadening his scope in implant retained overdentures, and exploring new materials and product ranges. He was also very encouraged to further enhance his passion in the design of comfortable and natural dentures. Networking with dental professionals from all around the world also gave Steven the opportunity to benchmark his practices against others in both clinical and laboratory areas.

Australia stood out progressively in the field of dentures in regards to more efficient and streamlined processes as well as potentially an enhanced result for the patient through the experience, passion and training of a Dental Prosthetist in both clinical and laboratory practices. In many countries, the role of a Dental Prosthetist in the clinic is undertaken by a dentist or dental specialist who may not have the additional experience and training on the technical laboratory aspects and needs to rely on an outsourced party to provide this service and support. The dental professionals that Steven met from these other countries saw a tremendous benefit in the role of a Dental Prosthetist working both on the frontline and in the laboratory and hoped this would be implemented back in their homelands too.

The continued debate of digital dentures was also a hot topic whether technologies were at the level they should be to provide a better denture product than what traditional best practice methods do – in fine Rhein83 way, this gave Steven some key insights into further perfecting his current well tested techniques until digital dentures are at the exceptional level he would wish to deliver to his patients.

“I feel incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to travel to such a beautiful country like Italy to undertake further study in a profession I am so enthusiastic about and where some of the very best in dental materials are manufactured. It was extra special as its also where my heritage comes from and some of my family still live.

Learning alongside industry professionals from all over the world was a remarkable experience – the Italians in their true passionate style that is very much a part of their culture, delivered an outstanding course with skilled experts who were very encouraging and insightful. Meeting colleagues from various countries was a really unique opportunity to share what we do and how we do it.”
Steven Anthony
Total Denture Care – Dental Prosthetist