Implant Overdentures

Implant Retained Overdentures at Total Denture Care Perth

An implant retained denture or an overdenture replaces missing teeth by combining removable full or partial dentures with two or more implants to help secure the denture in place. The denture clips into place by abutments that connect to implants, making it still removable but with suction not required. Through this additional stability and support of fixing the denture into the mouth with just a few implants (as few as two implants may only be required), this assists with eating and speaking more comfortably and confidently. Like conventional dentures, implant retained overdentures can be removed with ease for thorough cleaning.

Implant retained dentures are ideal for patients who struggle with traditional removable dentures, have poor suction with their denture, or for those who may experience significant bone loss.

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