Pricing & Dental Plans

Our Denture and Mouthguard Prices

Our Dentures and Mouthguards are not only reasonably priced but of the highest quality in the industry, using premium materials from Australia, Europe and the USA, handcrafted right here in Perth. We feel strongly that there is no value in providing an excellent service if it is unaffordable. It is this reason why we network with and accept all major health insurances; support DVA patients and offer pensioners discount as well as payment plans if needed. We have HICAPS available on-site for instant claiming.

Below provides an overview of our pricing with quality dentures and mouthguards to meet a range of budgets – as each patients’ case is different we recommend an initial 30 minute consultation to discuss options with our Denture Expert, so feel free to contact us today on (08) 9317 7777 or

Denture Prices

Total Denture Care provides a range of flexible payment plans for our denture services, ranging from our Full and Partial Standard Dentures, Deluxe Dentures, Premium Dentures, Chrome Dentures and Valplast Dentures along with Denture Repairs and all other associated denture services stated below. We provide our patients with an extensive range of high-quality denture treatments with affordable payment methods, ensuring each patient receives the highest level of dental treatment and care with flexible payment plans. Throughout our Denture Service Range, we offer various services that are available through affordable and flexible payment plans. Explore our Denture Pricing Plans along with our Denture Service range below.

Premium Full Dentures

Starting from $4,950 for a full top and lower

Deluxe Full Dentures

Starting from $3,950 for a full top and lower

Standard Full Dentures

Starting from $2,950 for a full top and lower

Flexible Partial Dentures

Starting from $1,800

Chrome Metal Partial Dentures

Starting from $1,800

Acrylic Partial Dentures

Starting from $950

Denture Repairs

Starting from $200

Denture Relines

Same day starting from $400 – $500; Soft relines starting from $420 – $520

Denture Health Check and Professional Denture Clean

Starting from $70

Mouthguard Prices

Our Mouthguard range has been innovated to cleverly protect and maintain your healthy smile in an affordable yet comprehensive way. Our Standard, Light Pro and Heavy Pro Mouthguards have been individually created with varying levels of protection at the core of each creation.

Many private health funds cover a significant portion of your Mouthguard costs. Explore our Mouthguard Pricing below.

Standard Mouthguard

Starting from $230

Light Pro Mouthguard

Starting from $250

Heavy Pro Mouthguard

Starting from $300

National Dental Plan

We have partnered up with the National Dental Plan on ways our patients can access an interest free payment plan to help pay for any denture care needed. This payment support will help ease the financial stress of dental treatment and ensure all our patients are able to lead a happy and healthy life with the best in quality care. Contact us today on 9317 7777 or to find out more.

Easy and Interest Free Payment Plan for our Patients

National Dental Plan (NDP) is the leading industry payment plan that puts the patients’ interests first. It enables quality denture care to be accessible to all our patients, aligning with one of our key values here at Total Denture Care. Start your treatment today with interest-free and stress-free fortnightly payments powered by Humm, Certegy Ezi-Pay.

Some key benefits of the NDP include

Start Treatment Immediately Spread Treatment Costs Over Time Affordable and Easy Fortnightly Repayments No Interest Ever Simple Application Process and Fast Approval