Reasons to avoid home denture repairs

Reasons to avoid home denture repairs

A broken denture can really put a spanner in the works when it comes down to day-to-day tasks. Your dentures are one of the most valuable things you own. Without them eating can be difficult, speaking can be challenging, smiling can be embarrassing, and your mouth can feel uncomfortable. Getting emergency denture care will be a top priority. However, one pitfall you don’t want to fall into is repairing your dentures at home. Total Denture Care is committed to repairing broken dentures as fast as possible while maintaining the quality you deserve.

Understanding how to properly care for your dentures is your first step in avoiding any unwanted breakages or problems from happening but wear and tear over time is bound to happen. Sometimes dentures can become brittle if you accidentally let them dry out, or simply changes that have occurred within your own mouth can cause an issue. Then there are just unlucky accidents such as dropping them or your dog chewing them. Taking the time to get your dentures fixed by a professional is something you won’t regret.

There are several reasons to only rely on a professional when it comes to denture repairs:


Unfit Glue
Superficially they can alter the taste of your foods but the toxic substances in unsafe glues can even cause allergic reactions. From a repair standpoint they will do more damage to your dentures and this will result in you needing a more extensive emergency denture repair or a brand new denture completely.


Impacting your dentures durability and comfortability
Damaged dentures require very specific care. When repairing dentures, we have to make sure that, once fixed, they are comfortable within your mouth and there isn’t another underlying problem for why they may have broken. If we don’t do this, it can lead to soreness when eating and ill-fitting dentures. Trying to fix them yourself at home can result in dentures that no longer support you during day-to-day tasks and needing more work than before. It can also impact how durable they are meaning they could break again, and FAST!


Pain and soreness in the mouth
At home denture repair can result in dentures that are completely unsuitable to wear. They could end up rubbing on the gums and lips. There may be protruding parts from the dentures leading to all manner of problems. Worst case scenario they are completely unwearable and you will have to purchase an entirely new set of dentures.

We at Total Denture Care understand how stressful it can be when your dentures are in need of repair but a quick fix at home can only lead to more distress. Getting your dentures fixed with us, in most cases we can have your emergency denture repair turned around in just one hour or a day depending on the repair required.


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