Standard Full Dentures

Our Standard Full Dentures are handcrafted by our own laboratory and individually fitted for you. Our experienced Prosthetist and Lab Dental Technician will determine the size, shape and colour of the teeth best suited to you.

What is the process and material used for Standard Full Dentures?

In combination with the heat cure compression processing system, our Standard Full Dentures are processed with preformed tripled layer Vitapan acrylic teeth and Vertex gum coloured base acrylic. Vitapan is the oldest tooth manufacturers in Germany which has stood the test of time. Vitapan teeth are a good, hardwearing, stain resistant and aesthetically attractive teeth. Vertex acrylic is also one of the oldest manufacturers of dental acrylics made in the Netherlands.

How long does it take to make Standard Full Dentures?

Our Standard Full Dentures are often finished within one week depending on the patient treatment required.

Having a denture professional here in Perth with an onsite laboratory ensures you comfort, stability, durability and quality. Should you need any denture adjustments we are just a call away. Visit our Denture Clinic conveniently located in Perth on Canning Highway, Attadale.

What are some of the benefits of our Standard Full Dentures?

Some of the benefits of our Standard Full Dentures include:

  1. Good fit
  2. Good comfort
  3. Fast turn-around time
  4. Good tooth quality
  5. Strong heat cured acrylic
  6. Cost effective
  7. Enhanced appearance
  8. Increased confidence

What is the cost of a Standard Full Denture?

Our Standard Full Dentures start from $1795 for either a full top or lower denture.