The Effects of Poorly Fitted Dentures

The Effects of Poorly Fitted Dentures

Acquiring custom fitted dentures that feel natural is incredibly important and very much reliant on how precisely they are handcrafted for each individual patient. Adding dentures to your mouth is similar to adding an extension to your body so making sure they fit well with the rest of your face and mouth is key. Oral health side effects along with general emotional and mental wellbeing come hand in hand with poorly fitted dentures. Not only will they reduce the quality of your new smile and may negatively impact your jaw and any natural teeth, but they may cause unwarranted pain hindering simple life activities.

Some of the effects that poorly fitted dentures will have on your emotional, mental and oral health and overall oral comfort include the following:

Difficulty Eating & Speaking

Loose or poorly fitted dentures will always result in an additional effort to eat or speak in a normal fashion which may reduce one’s confidence. In most cases, dentures that are not fitted to the high standard like those that are handcrafted at Total Denture Care, will often result in a lisp forming with a difficulty in pronouncing normal words and terms that should be of ease.

Eating with ill-fitting dentures becomes a task in itself. When food enters your mouth, as the chewing motion engages, poor fitted dentures move and slide across your gums. This often leads to ulcers forming along your gum line. This makes it hard to maintain a balanced diet, resulting in a decrease of your overall health.

Discomfort with Ulcers

As aforementioned, with ill-fitted dentures the likelihood of ulcers and small painful cuts forming in your mouth are extremely high. Not only the discomfort of a sliding denture moving inside your mouth, with the introduction of ulcers comes intense pain that may lead the user to avoid eating and speaking. This may also lead to debilitating emotional and mental wellbeing side effects from having to deal with pain.

Impact on Jaw (TMJ) and Remaining Natural Teeth

Last but certainly not least, wearing poorly fitted dentures will dramatically increase the chances of damage to your jaw (TMJ) and any remaining natural teeth.

If the bite or occlusion is incorrect, this can cause super eruption of your natural teeth which can lead to a potential loss of these teeth. Other issues that may arise from uneven pressure caused by an imprecise bite may include damage of teeth such as chipped teeth.

Dentures whether partial or full can have impacts on the jaw if the bite is incorrect or overclosed causing unwanted pressure on the TMJ.

Total Denture Care’s Head Prosthetist, Steven Anthony, understands both the effects and pain that poorly fitted dentures can have on Emotional, Mental and Oral Health. He is passionate about providing a world class denture service that ensures each patient leaves with a natural and comfort based smile.

Poorly fitted dentures can also appear when your dentures become older and they begin to loosen. Like natural teeth, dentures require an annual check and require ongoing professional cleaning and maintenance by your experienced Dental Prosthetist. If this is your case, it’s time to visit Total Denture Care Perth.

The Effects of Poorly Fitted Dentures