Our Vision & Values

Total Denture Care’s Vision

To provide every patient with high quality and value denture care in a compassionate, honest, respectful and professional manner as members of our Total Denture Care family. By doing so, we aim for every individual that leaves our clinic to lead a comfortable, confident, happy and healthy life they can share with their loved ones.

Total Denture Care’s Values

Compassion + Care

We have a passion for people and we rejoice when their needs are met. We genuinely care about each individual patient and understand the importance we play in making a significant contribution and difference to their lives.


A patient’s trust is integral to who we are and how we operate. We will aim to ensure each patient feels comfortable and safe knowing they are being looked after like family.


We have a passion for service and treat everyone the same way we would want to be treated. Our commitment to our patients means you will hopefully leave our clinic feeling valued.


We hold a responsibility to deliver our patients with a high quality product and service. We will persevere until each individual is satisfied and do our best to exceed our patient’s expectations.


We use effective treatment practices and quality materials to allow our patients to enjoy comfortable, long-lasting and safe denture and mouthguard care. We understand the importance of investing in your smile, so we will guarantee our products and services are always high value for money.

Best Dental Prosthetist in Perth - Total Denture Care

Steven Anthony

Head Dental Prosthetist and Lab Technician

Your local Dental Prosthetist at Total Denture Care with over 20 years of combined experience and industry training.

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