What To Do In A Denture Emergency

What To Do In A Denture Emergency

Broken dentures can be a huge inconvenience, affecting one’s ability to go about daily life activities. In addition, they can lead to very serious issues if not addressed by a denture professional. A broken denture not only poses a risk to your mouth, but it can also hinder your chewing ability and speech drastically. In instances where your denture has become damaged or completely broken, please seek help by contacting our team in a timely manner to avoid any additional harm to your oral hygiene. Like most things that break, the longer you leave a broken denture, the costlier it can become too as it can lead to further damage.

What To Do During A Denture Emergency 

More often than not, when an issue occurs regarding your denture, you will feel discomfort or a strange feeling like pinching or cutting into the gum from within your mouth. Firstly, investigate the issue carefully and identify whether your denture has cracked, chipped or is completely broken, holding your denture into the light to show any hairline cracks, which are often hard to see. Dentures although are imminently strong if handcrafted with care and quality, overtime, they can break and require repair. If you find yourself in a position where your denture has changed in structure, whether a crack has formed or a tooth has been displaced, contact your local Dental Prosthetist. Although your first inclination may be to use a home remedy to temporarily fix your denture, we strongly recommend against this action. Home remedies such as superglue can often lead to irreversible damage to dentures and in the end be more expensive for you too.

Helpful Tip: To help save costs on your denture repair, should your denture break try keep any of the pieces that you can find – this includes any teeth that may have fallen off or any pieces of the denture base. 


Common Denture Damages or Repairs include:

  • Crack or hairline split in denture base
  • Small chips
  • Loss of teeth
  • Broken clasps

Remember, contact a Dental Prosthetist Professional if you face any of these denture problems.

Emergency Denture Repair

At Total Denture Care we pride ourselves in our quick turnaround denture repair service. We understand the dependency placed on dentures and inconvenience this causes to our patients’ daily life. Thus, we provide a same day emergency denture repair service to help reduce the inconvenience to you and ensure you receive your repaired dentures within a short time frame.

In some instances where dentures have been repeatedly broken, it may be advised to consider new dentures. Our qualified team has been trained to recognise these issues and address them accordingly in confidence and always with honesty for the best outcome for our patients.

Avoid Denture Damage

Protecting your dentures will inevitably result in a reduction and even prevention of denture damage. We recommend some basic techniques to each of our patients that encourage denture care and reduce the risk of denture damage. Within our blog Acrylic Denture Care Tips Tricks, we offer some easy yet effective ways to protect dentures.

However, it is normal that overtime dentures can become weaker and more susceptible to damage. At Total Denture Care, we strive to create the highest quality dentures in the market today. We believe in using industry-leading materials that have been tried and tested. The higher the quality, the longer the life of a denture. Our Denture Range offers numerous choices from Standard, Deluxe to Premium, with every denture whether it be from our Standard or Premium range using incredibly durable materials from Australia, Europe, Japan and the USA.

How Dentures Break

Dentures can become damaged in a variety of ways. A common reason is due to poorly fitted dentures becoming loose and causing friction when chewing. Another major reason is due to the quality of the material used to create the denture. Other reasons include dentures being accidentally dropped, pets chewing dentures and careless storage, and using incorrect cleaning products such as toothpaste – all of which apply strain to the denture’s structure resulting in damage.

Emergency Denture Care – Total Denture Care

If you have damaged dentures that are in need of repair, contact our team at Total Denture Care with no hesitation. Seeking more information? Visit Denture Repairs Perth.

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