Which Full Denture Option Is Best for Me?

Which Full Denture Option Is Best for Me?

At Total Denture Care, we supply a fantastic range of denture options from Standard, Deluxe and Premium Dentures. As we understand that each patient’s case is unique, we have created a product range to meet the needs of all individual smiles. Patients are given the flexibility and guidance to select from the three options below and to even combine features from across all three ranges to create the most suitable denture for you or your loved one. Let’s take a look at our three offered denture ranges and compare the differences.

Standard Dentures

Our Standard Denture bases are handcrafted in-house from acrylic material from the Netherlands while the teeth are created in Germany. The Standard Denture option provides an affordable denture solution, created through a strong acrylic denture base – ensuring durability. Standard Dentures are recommended to replace every 5 years – depending on if the dentures are correctly cleaned and maintained on a regular basis.

Accessories, Benefits & Warranty | Standard Dentures

Each Standard Denture is presented with a protective denture case to ensure safe travel and protection while your dentures are detached from your mouth. In some instances where your denture teeth may de-bond, Total Denture Care commits to a 6 month warranty (please note this doesn’t cover accidental breakage) – ensuring peace of mind to all of our clients.

Benefits of Standard Dentures:

  • Good Comfort & Fit
  • Natural Look with an Enhanced Appearance
  • Quick Turn-around Time
  • Cost Effective Dentures

Standard Denture Set Up & Processing Method

Our Standard Denture is set up through a plain line articulator, processed by a hydraulic press – open flask, bench-parking technique.


Deluxe Dentures

Our Deluxe Denture bases are manufactured in-house from acrylic material from the USA, while the teeth are created in Italy. Our Deluxe Dentures are innovated through a high impact, extra strong structure, recommended to replace every 5 years – provided your dentures are cleaned and maintained as per our denture maintenance guidelines.

Accessories, Benefits & Warranty | Deluxe Dentures

Total Denture Care supplies both a denture case and denture brush with our deluxe option. These denture accessories ensure protection and aid your denture cleaning process. Our deluxe option also comes with a 1 year warranty to maintain teeth de-bonding occurrences (please note this doesn’t cover accidental breakage) – free of charge.

Benefits of Deluxe Dentures:

  • Great Comfort & Fit
  • Enhances Natural Look & Appearance
  • Less Staining & Bacterial Build Up
  • Better Stability & Chewing Experience

Deluxe Denture Set Up & Processing Method

Our Deluxe Dentures are set up semi-balanced and are processed by a hydraulic press – open flask, bench-packing technique.


Premium Dentures

Both Total Denture Care Premium Denture base material and teeth are manufactured in Italy through the highest possible quality by market-leading technology. Our Premium Denture range offers the highest level of comfort with our most natural looking dentures yet. This range has been innovated through high impact, extra strong acrylic with hypo allergenic qualities and monomer free acrylic. Providing a basic level of cleaning and maintenance on a regular basis, these dentures are recommended to be replaced every 5 years.

Accessories, Benefits & Warranty | Premium Dentures

Our Premium Dentures are accompanied by a denture case, denture brush and a supply of liquid denture cleaner. This denture range comes with a 2 year warranty providing a lengthy cover for teeth de-bonding instances (please note this doesn’t cover accidental breakage).

Benefits of Premium Dentures:

  • Greater Comfort – More Precise Fit
  • Aesthetically More Natural – High Lustre Appearance
  • Less Staining, Bacterial & Odour Build Up
  • Superior Wear Resistance
  • Best Stability & Chewing Experience

Premium Denture Set Up & Processing Method

Our Premium Dentures are set up through a fully balanced method, processed through a BPS IvoBase closed flask, revolutionary injection system for enhanced efficiency – ensuring a smooth denture installation.

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