Why should I visit a Denture Clinic instead of a Dentist?

Why should I visit a Denture Clinic instead of a Dentist?

In the dental industry, the art of dentures is one of the most specialised techniques that dental practitioners perform. It is recommended to visit a trusted and reputable Denture Clinic with an outstanding and nationally recognised service like the team at Total Denture Care. Our head Dental Prosthetist, Steven Anthony is a Leading Denture Practitioner in Perth.

He designs, fits and repairs custom fitted Dentures and Mouthguards daily. Our clinic has extensive knowledge of advanced techniques, high quality materials and international best practices in dental prosthetics. We provide a memorable denture service that brings dream smiles to life. We also work alongside highly respected dentists known widely across Perth – should patients require additional dental work such as teeth extractions and restorations.

When deciding whether to visit a Denture Clinic or a Dentist, considering the particular service you are requiring is key. Dentists often perform services such as Extractions, Fillings, Restorations, Oral Health Check-ups and deal with many more Oral Health Issues.

Denture Care Clinics on the other hand, provide services in relation to everything Denture or Mouthguard related. For example; Full Dentures Perth, Partial Dentures Perth, Valplast Dentures, Denture Repairs Perth, Denture Relines Perth, Denture Health Checks & Cleaning. We also provide Custom-made Mouthguards in our Standard, Light Pro or Heavy Pro Range – depending on your specific requirements.

If you are unhappy with your smile, missing teeth or requiring mouth protection, visit Total Denture Care today. Our head Prosthetist Steven Anthony is a market leading practitioner that truly understands Oral Health. We welcome everybody through our doors with wide smiles and a helpful can-do approach. We work as a team to provide Perth with a world class service, every time.

Still unsure as to whether you should visit a Denture Clinic or a Dentist?

Call our team today. We would be more than happy to advise you on the best option for your requirements.

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