Does Getting Dentures Hurt?

Does Getting Dentures Hurt?

So often we get asked, does getting dentures hurt and if so, for how long? In answering this question, it is important to understand that every patient has unique denture requirements, different mouth structures and individual oral conditions. At Total Denture Care we do our absolute best to complete denture fittings with minimal discomfort as possible. The process itself is pain-free in taking impressions or moulds, and try-ins and insertions of your new smile. Our head Dental Prosthetist Steven Anthony has accumulated a wealth of both experience and knowledge in his field – ensuring each patient leaves our clinic proudly smiling after a smooth denture fitting process.

Our clinic covers all removable denture needs. Our Full Denture and Partial Denture service begins with an initial consultation. From here, Steven will identify your denture requirements and form a plan to help you attain that winning smile you have always dreamed of. Our team takes time to carefully educate our patients as to the entire step-by-step process. We understand that knowing this process helps our patients to rest assured that they are in the perfect hands.

Full Dentures

Our Full Denture Options are available for patients that have all teeth missing on either the top and/or lower and in some circumstances may involve the removal of any remaining teeth in order to make way for a complete  set of Total Denture Care Dentures. For those that currently have a full denture and are looking at replacing their current set, in the majority of circumstances depending on the patient’s mouth structure and any other oral conditions, adjusting to a new denture should have minimal discomfort and pain. Generally, due to the nature of a full lower denture having more movement from lack of suction/ retention, the patient may be more prone to developing initial sore spots or ulcers. For those that experience any discomfort, just know that our Dental Prosthetist will resolve any issues easily with the adjustments/ modifications required so that this will soon be a distant memory as the patient begins to reap the benefits of their new smile.

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Partial Dentures

Our Partial Denture Options are generally pain free once again depending on the patient’s mouth structure and any other oral conditions.. Some discomfort with Partial Dentures may occur when teeth need to be extracted and as your gums begin to adapt to the new denture addition. Sometimes but more rarely, discomfort can be due to areas of the extensions being too long or if in the final impression stage there has been extra pressure recorded. This discomfort is generally short-lived and resolved by adjustment during the follow up appointment and you’ll be smiling pain-free in no time.. Our head Dental Prosthesist Steven Anthony is one of Perth’s leading practitioners – employing complete confidence in each patient of Total Denture Care.

As your mouth becomes accustomed to your new dentures, you will live your life as normal, with one new and attractive aspect – your dream smile.

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Immediate Dentures  

For both our Full and Partial Denture options, we also offer an Immediate Denture for those undergoing dental surgery and requiring an instant denture to be fitted following this procedure. Due to the surgery element involved with teeth extractions and in some circumstances the patient not being accustomed to previously wearing a denture, this type of denture will likely involve some discomfort and pain as the mouth heals. Thankfully this is generally quite a quick recovery and with the correct post-insert adjustments made by our Dental Prosthetist, this will help relieve discomfort and pain.

Following each Full Denture and Partial Denture procedure, our team stands ready to help you with any denture post-insert adjustments or denture post-care advice. Questions and queries are welcomed and responded to efficiently and professionally.

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