Why is it important to replace missing teeth with a partial denture?

Why is it important to replace missing teeth with a partial denture?

Missing teeth, both visible and non-visible, can cause emotional and mental stress for an individual; however, the physical aspects to our health are often overlooked if left untreated. When gaps are left untreated long term, existing teeth will drift into any space caused by the occlusal forces (missing teeth). Opposing teeth will over-erupt and can eventually touch the gum on the side. As these changes occur teeth may become crooked or shift, creating larger areas for food particles to become trapped and plaque to build-up. This increases bacterial growth which can lead to gum disease and tooth decay.

In addition, crooked or shifting teeth not only create aesthetic issues but can also cause serious bite problems that require expensive orthodontics. Missing teeth can also be a contributing factor to Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ) caused by the muscle strain due to an imbalanced bite. Replacing the teeth should restore the balance to the bite and symptoms should dissipate or subside. Having fewer teeth also increases the stress they receive creating excessive tooth wear which leads to fillings and expensive restorations such as crowns, bridges and implants. Protecting the remaining teeth with an acrylic partial denture or more durable metal chrome partial denture, flexible clear partial denture, flexible Valplast partial denture or hybrid metal chrome-Valplast partial denture will relieve the pressure on the remaining natural teeth.

As such, it is important that individuals missing one or more teeth in visible and/or non-visible sections of the mouth, restore or replace these gaps to maintain the oral condition. Partial removable dentures are an ideal solution to fill the gaps of missing teeth and will help enhance your appearance and health. Partial dentures will also prevent facial changes by supporting the cheeks, lips and muscles.

Finding a reputable denture clinic you can trust is just as important as it is to restoring your missing teeth – an accurate fit and correct type of partial denture is crucial. If the correct type of denture is not used or properly designed, this can lead to trauma of the gums causing wear and abrasion of your teeth. As much as possible, a partial denture should rest on the remaining teeth (tooth borne) to take the pressure off the gums and spread the load over multiple teeth. This will help reduce the recession of the bone structure underneath thus keeping the gums healthy and strong.

At Total Denture Care we offer a superior quality range of removable partial dentures including acrylic partial dentures, metal chrome partial dentures, flexible clear partial dentures, flexible Valplast partial dentures and hybrid metal chrome-Valplast partial denture to suit everyone’s needs with our highly skilled Dental Prosthetist providing the best advice for each patient. Our acrylic partial dentures are an economical denture which are great to either fill the gap quickly or be used till a crown, bridge or implant can be added. More durable long-term denture solutions can be treated with a metal chrome partial denture, flexible clear partial, flexible Valplast partial denture or hybrid metal chrome-Valplast partial denture which can last your lifetime, providing there are no major changes to your remaining dentition. Just as important as it is to replace your missing teeth, it is just as important to have your removal partial denture made correctly so have your smile handcrafted with our well respected denture clinic in Perth, call us on 9317 7777.